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The Tokyo Olympics are in full swing and have already reached half of this edition. At this point, you who are following the competition, you must be amazed by the landscapes and want to know a little more about this country whose culture has also taken root in Brazil. To help you, we have selected 11 fiction films and series here for you to learn a little more about the land of the rising sun.

11 – ‘Gokushufudou: Tatsu Immortal’ – Netflix

This animated series makes a beautiful parody of the former representatives of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. By mocking the code of conduct of these mobsters through a protagonist who is a former mafia member who left everything to be a housewife, the ‘Tatsu Immortal’ series saves the story of this (and not completely) period. . of violence in Japan, but in a light and very funny way.

10 – ‘Yasuke’ – Netflix

The Netflix animated series premiered at the end of April and covers, through futuristic fiction, the true story of Japan’s first black samurai: Yasuke. This samurai actually existed in the history of the country, and although the series contains some adventures for this character, his journey is based on historical facts.

9 – “Samurai X: The Final” – Netflix

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The final chapter in the story of Kenshin Himura, the samurai with the X-shaped scar, closes the story of the man who is the protagonist of one of the most famous Japanese manga in the world. As a backdrop, the story highlights the era of feudal Japan and the end of the shogunate. If you like it, it’s also great to watch ‘Samurai X: The Origin’ the 1st movie, also available on the platform.

8 – ‘Demon Slayer’ – Netflix

The feature film “Demon Slayer – Mugen Train: O Filme” is still showing in Brazilian cinemas and this year became the highest-grossing animated feature in the world. There is also the eponymous series on Netflix, for those who want to know more about the universe of three young teenagers who travel through Japan to exterminate the demonic spirits who put the lives of the citizens of this country in danger.

7 – ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’ – Telecine

For those who have arrived here without knowing the ‘Pokémon’ universe, this is the perfect opportunity. “Detective Pikachu” is the latest production in the franchise to tell the story of Ash, a boy who becomes a Pokémon trainer – cuddly pets with superpowers that compete against each other. ‘Pokémon’ is part of Japanese pop culture and a major export from the country that has conquered Western countries, especially Pikachu.

6 – ‘Godzilla 2000’

The year 2000 version was the last Japanese reading of the classic tale of the sea monster that destroyed the city of Tokyo. The most recent versions, produced by Hollywood, can be seen on Telecine, but it is very important to also see the versions produced in Japan, after all, the story is original from this country and was one of the elements that brought Japanese culture to the world there in the 20th century again.

5 – “Always by your side” – Amazon Prime Video

Hollywood drama based on the true story of a man who went to work every day; he took the train every day, and his little dog accompanied him every day on the way and waited for him to come back to the platform. This extremely dramatic story says a lot about Japanese culture, resilience, love and respect.

4 – ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ – Netflix

This famous animated series was a huge success in the early 1990s and continues to be successful today. To understand how she had a huge influence on Japanese culture – and its impact on Western cultures across the world – you have to watch each season, especially the 12 Houses Saga, like the dramatic journey of young apprentice knights trying to overcoming obstacles to get special armor and become worthy is really one of the main symbols of contemporary Japanese pop culture. Not to mention that super has the Olympic spirit and that Netflix also produced a new season recently.

3 – “The Scream” – Amazon Prime Video

If there’s one thing a good movie buff should know, it’s that Japan is good (really good!) At making horror movies. One example is the original of “The Scream”, the first version of which is Japanese (the United States bought the adaptation right) and is even scarier than the Hollywood version. Unavoidable !

2 – ‘Neon Genesis: Evangelion’ – Netflix / Amazon Prime Video

One of the best-selling manga in the world blends science fiction, technology and biblical history. “Neon Genesis: Evangelion” can be followed as a series on Netflix and in the latest film, which arrives this week on Amazon Prime, once again showing Japan’s incredible ability to blend different animation and effects techniques. . visuals, and to blend cutting edge technology with spirituality.

1 – “Spirited Away” – Netflix

Studio Ghibli is one of the largest and largest animation studios in the world and is located in Japan. “Chihiro’s Journey” was, until recently, the highest-grossing anime in the world, recently overtaken by “Demon Slayer – Mugen Train: The Movie”. The technique used by Hayao Miyazaki is unique and has created a beautiful signature on each of them. his company’s films, which can be viewed on Netflix in original Japanese sound. In 2022, Studio Ghibli will win a theme park in Japan.

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