4 Semi-Japanese Movies That Will Make You Nervous, Only For Older Audiences

Tokyo, Celebrity.id– The public is very fond of semi-Japanese films. This film can only be seen by very old viewers.

Japan has been one of the hot movie producers, they also won with various popular movies in the 1980s. conflicting love.

Summarized from various sources as of Monday (7/25/2022), here are four semi-Japanese movies you can watch to fill the weekend.

1. Life span of a man

A Man’s Lifetime or also known as Otoko no Isshou is one of the popular semi-Japanese movies. The play also features well-known actors named Ikurana Nana and Toyokawa Atsushi.

The film A Man’s Lifetime tells the story of a young woman with a beautiful and beautiful face, named Tsumugi (Ikurana Nana). He lived and grew up in the city with his parents. Tired of the bustle of the city, he chose to go where his grandmother lived.

Interestingly, it was in this village that Tsumugi met a 52-year-old professor from a prestigious university. Despite his age, the teacher named Jun (Toyokawa Atsushi) does not yet have a wife or bachelor.

Interestingly, Tsumugi had a crush on the professor. Knowing that June initially didn’t agree because the two were far apart in terms of age. However, Jun’s heart begins to feel the turmoil of her romance with Tsumugi.

2. Sexy Battle Girls

In 1986, director Mototsugu Watanabe worked on a movie called Sexy Battle Girls. The film also featured a hit semi-Japanese film of its time. Starring Yukijiro Hotaru, Ayumi Taguchi, Kyoko Hashimoto, and Yutaka Ikejima, the film has also been successfully watched by audiences to date.

Not only showing the adult side, the film also depicts the corrupt practices of a school principal, who sells out his students to philanthropists outside the school. Interestingly, this action is performed by one of his students named Mirai (Kyoko Hashimoto).

Mirai also tries to find out more about the principal’s motive. Mirai tries to prove himself as good as possible, as a result, Mirai’s father is called out by the school for defamation and the school’s reputation.

Because the principal humiliated her father, Mirai swears revenge on the principal and will reveal her dark side to the public.

3. Norwegian wood

Norwegian Wood is one of the semi-Japanese films adapted from Haruki Murakami’s novel, which was eventually adapted for the big screen by Tran Anh Hung. The film tells the story of a lover whose love story is full of inconclusive feelings.

Because Tore Watanabe (Kenichi Matsuyama) still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and first love, Naoko. As a result, her relationship with Midori (Rinko Kikuchi) doesn’t go as planned.

Touré is forced to face two choices, whether to cling to his past or try to rise up to love Midori with all his heart. Apart from that, the film also managed to show its success by being nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

4. L-DK: two loves under one roof

L-DK: Two Loves Under One Roof is a film adapted from Ayu Watanabe’s popular manga by L-DK, first released in 2009 and completed in 2017.

The film tells the story of a romantic teenage love, played by Mone Kamishirashi as Aoi Nishimori and Yosuke Sugino as Shusei Kugayama. The two fell in love with each other and decided to live together secretly.

However, Shusei’s cousin Ron Kugayama (Ryusei Yokohama) accidentally causes them to fall in love. In the end, Shusei and Aoi choose to let Ron stay with them. Trouble arises when Ron has a crush on Aoi. They are also involved in a love triangle story in this semi-Japanese film.

Publisher: Hadith Abdillah

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