A global series looks at Indonesian and Japanese culture on today’s program

This week, we’re hosting a Global Series Extravaganza! We are delighted to announce that we will be learning about the experiences of our international students from Japan and Indonesia.

Did you know that Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world? Indonesia is a beautiful country that reflects “unity in diversity”, said Putu Pujiantari, a student presenter. She wants people to experience the rich cultures of Indonesia and will present one of her favorite traditional practices, an Indonesian wedding.

On the other hand, Japan is another Asian country known for its exceptional seasonal changes. Our students will give presentations about the seasons and want people to experience “unique and interesting features to see, hear and feel,” said presenter Kenshi Kawade.

You are invited to attend the Global Series program at 6 p.m. today, November 10, in the Holcombe Hall lounge, as we learn more about the history, culture and stories of these two countries.

Global Series is a program that provides international students and domestic students with study abroad experience the opportunity to share their culture, beliefs, and traditions with the U of A community. We want to showcase and celebrate the distinct cultures represented on campus. We want to learn about the different homes of our international students and the experiences of our domestic students in new countries. Join us as we learn and celebrate the diversity of our students.

This event is open to all U of A students, staff, and faculty as well as the Fayetteville community. We encourage participants to invite their families and friends.

Fall semester programs

  • Wednesday, December 1: Timor Leste and Lebanon

If you would like to participate as a presenter, you can contact Shemsa Ndahiro Iribagiza at [email protected]

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