Atsumaru Euphoria – The biggest celebration of Japanese culture in India

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
  • Technical partner – Metapolis
  • Fintech Partner – Cheq
  • Media and Community Partner – The Hub Bengaluru

Atsumaru Euphoria is set to launch its second experiential festival on the 29the October at Hub Bengaluru. Powered by I know a guy Productions (IKAG), Atsumaru Euphoria is a one-day wellness festival that celebrates all things anime, manga, Japanese pop culture, cosplay and the best of Bangalore through music, food, games, merch and much more. Atsumaru, in Japanese, means “Come together”.

What makes this event more exciting are the partners who have joined us in organizing experiential activations. Metapolis, the world’s first Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that helps brands, creators, and web3 projects easily integrate into the Metaverse through a range of meta services, has come on board inasmuch as Technology partner. Check, the fintech partner built India’s first shared wallet on UPI so that one can better manage money.

It goes without saying that love for Japanese culture has grown at an exponential rate in India. Their captivating storylines, animation, cosplay, and mouth-watering cuisine, coupled with the hype created on social media, left audiences hungry for more. More so in real life. The fanbase and niche communities create a ripple effect by attracting more people curious about what Japanese culture is all about. It is even more fascinating to watch Indian creators amplify and share their love for the culture on their social media platforms.

The festival is set to take place in the heart of the city at The Hub Bengaluru, making it accessible to Bangalorians and foreigners alike. It will be hosted at The Sky Terraces above Safina Plaza, with 3 large rooftop venues and a dynamic purpose-built space in the basement.

The music festival and the food festival

The music festival starts at noon and continues until midnight. It will feature 5 DJs with 5 Genres of music, on a large landscaped terrace that can accommodate 1200 people at a time. This wellness festival will also witness a dedicated open terrace for a curated dining experience. A wide variety of Japanese dishes and various establishments in Bangalore will bring variety to the audience like never before.

Nerd culture celebration

Fan culture at Atsumaru Euphoria will be celebrated by bringing together Anime, Manga and Gaming fans. The event will see a collaboration with 10 cosplayers and a gaming pavilion with 8 consoles where fans can compete in tournaments. The market area will host vendors offering anime merchandise, clothing, accessories, books and comics, custom and original artwork, face painting, tattoo artists, art activity store and crafts of Japanese Kawaii culture.

Besides anime, we believe that nothing brings people together like music and food, and this time we’ve gone all out on both. We are thrilled with the roster of artists we have for our 12 hour music festival. Our food festival, on a separate terrace, will feature a Japanese pavilion offering a variety of dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun. Our Nerd Culture Festival, a distinct entity in itself, has been strategically designed to maximize engagement with our anime audience. We are also delighted with our venue, the roof of the Hub. ThisIt’s like being transported to this massive set of heavenly gardens in the heart of Bangalore. This is perfect for Atsumaru Euphoria! said Abrar BasithFounder of IKAG Productions and co-founder of Atsumaru.

A metaverse haven for content creators

Kuldeep Mohan Ponnada, co-founder and CEO of Metapolis, said: We are delighted to be technology partners of ATSUMARU. Our world-renowned tech stack will be the right complement to the exhilarating 12-hour party. At Metapolis, we believe that the creator economy is key to the adoption of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. We’re bringing creators a no-code, easy-to-use social engagement platform that will make it easier for creators to enter the Metaverse by enabling them to deliver highly immersive experiences to their followers. Our social domes and M-Genesis (Metapolis’ first themed Microverse) will provide easy access for creators to seamlessly integrate into the Metaverse ecosystem. We have a lot of exciting things in store and this is just the beginning.

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Fintech partner, Cheq will power payments at the event and organize massive giveaways. Sudhanshu Shekhar, Founder and CEO of Cheq, said, “Cheq is building the first shared UPI wallet in India. Our mission is to give Indians better tools to manage their finances. We are very happy to partner with Atsumaru and showcase our product at the event. Keep an eye out for Mr. Cheq, who will be giving crazy gifts on the 29th! »

Hub Bengaluru is also the event’s media and community partner. Azaan Knowsfounder of The Hub Bengaluru, also delighted with the 3 in 1 festival, said: We call ourselves the ultimate playground for creators. Working with IKAG Productions, Metapolis and Cheq allows us to bring to life a multi-sensory experiential event for creators via Atsumaru Euphoria.

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