Japan Nakama | Top 10 Japanese Movies for Foodies

An unconventional choice, Dead Sushi might be the best way to round out the list with its goofy and quirky nature. This echoes the old adage “don’t play with your food”. to another level and then some. Any foodie with more than an adventurous palate and an open mind will enjoy this horror-comedy that takes the country’s love and reverence for sushi to another level.

The premise of Dead Sushi centers around innocent, traditionally prepared pieces of sushi that turn into carnivorous monsters. The film begins with a father-daughter duo preparing sushi on a traditional table, with fresh ingredients prepared with their bare hands. It then slowly deflects into a mad dash that includes martial arts self-defense against sushi chefs, aggressive squids, and of course, living sushi terrors. Again, if you don’t take this movie seriously and laugh at its premise, you have to understand that Japan has this unique side. If so, you might learn something about Japanese culture that adds a wacky yet delicious twist to classic dishes.

Do you have any favorite Japanese movies for foodies that we haven’t mentioned? Enjoying sights and sounds via the big screen offers something for everyone, much like the culinary scene. Fall in love, scare, relax and cheer with all the delicious food the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer.

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