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The Japanese Film Festival (JFF) announced on Thursday that it will screen the reverse patema and Eve’s time animated films in India from February 14 to 27. The festival will also screen the live action film of Yayoisoit is ReLIFE manga.

All three films will air in Japanese with subtitles in Arabic, Burmese, Central Khmer, English, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Thai, and Vietnamese. Eve’s time will also air with German and Korean subtitles.

JFF announced on its Indian Facebook page on January 4 that he is canceling his event in Delhi due to rising cases of COVID-19.

JFF described reverse patema:

A girl and a boy living in two different worlds, which exist in reverse of each other, change the future. Characters “rise” underground and “fall” through the sky in this truly innovative animation.

A catastrophic event occurs and all the buildings in the world are sucked into the sky. A few years later, Patema, a vivacious girl who lives in a base camp, falls into a hole while exploring a dangerous area in the premises. Patema “falls” from the base basement above the ground and continues to fall almost in the sky. She is saved when she manages to hold on to a boy named Age who is above ground. The two children, with opposite gravitational forces, support each other upside down and discover each other’s world in the post-disaster era. In doing so, they learn terrible hidden truths which they begin to confront.

As Patema and Age travel to and from each other’s worlds, they must support each other while upside down or they will fall. A truly unique sci-fi fantasy that almost numbs our own senses from top to bottom. A touching animation that creatively depicts the beauty of love, friendship and courage.

reverse patema created in France in June 2013 and in Japan in November 2013.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura directed the film and wrote the screenplay. movie stars Yukiyo Fujii, Nobuhiko Okamotoand Shintarou Oohata.

JFF describes Eve’s time:

Do androids have a soul? A moving animation that considers the nature of emotions through the interactions between humans and androids.

At a time when humanoids have practical applications, many households use androids/robots to do housework. Most androids are treated badly. High school student Rikuo also treats his android wife very coldly at home. One day, while watching his actions, he finds himself in a cafe. The rule in this cafe was that no distinction was made between humans and androids. Rikuo can’t help but wonder what the customers hope to get out of being there. Eventually, through the people and robots he meets in the cafe, he begins to understand what a real soul might look like.

A moving animation composed of a succession of episodes told by customers about their grief at being discriminated against. The film’s social settings, such as the existence of an ethics committee that urges caution against android addiction and issues with old robots thrown out as trash, provide realistic detail about the world depicted.

The film was released in March 2010.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura directed the film and wrote the screenplay. movie stars Jun Fukuyama, Kenji Nojimaand Rie Tanaka.

JFF describes the ReLIFE live action movie:

If you could redo your high school years, how would that affect your life? A special coming-of-age love story about reliving new destinies.

Arata, 27, has neither a job nor a goal, and his days are spent in the doldrums. When he is recruited into the “ReLIFE” project, which promises to make him redo a year of high school, he is suspicious but takes the rejuvenating potion anyway and turns back into a 17-year-old. Thus, begins his high school life with a one-year limit. Despite his plans to keep a low profile, he finds himself making friends and ends up falling in love with a very shy girl named Hishiro. However, this blissful season passes in a flash, and Arata’s remaining time begins to dwindle.

This refreshing and touching love story suggests that perhaps living your youth to the full can affect the direction your life may take. A big surprise awaits you at the end. A remarkable group of popular young Japanese actors have been brought together to carry out this project, including Taishi Nakagawa, Yudai Chiba, yuna tairaElaiza Ikeda, and Mahiro Takasugi.

Takeshi Furusawa (live-action AnotherClover) directed the film. The film debuted in Japan in April 2017.

Yayoiso launched the manga on the free manga app Comico in 2013. The manga ended in March 2018. The manga also inspired an anime adaptation which debuted in July 2016.

The Japanese Film Festival released 11 anime films in India in December 2020 as part of the 2020 festival.

The Japan Foundation annually hosts the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) in major cities across India. The Foundation hosted the JFF 2019 event in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangaluru, New Delhi, Gurugram, Chennai and Guwahati. The JFF screened films such as children of the sea, garden of words your name., grow old with you, read on the walland live action tokyo ghoul in 2019.

The Japan Foundation established its South Asian chapter in New Delhi in 1994. The Foundation promotes cultural and intellectual exchanges as well as the teaching of the Japanese language abroad.

Thanks to Jordan Scott for the news tip.

Source: Japanese Film Festival website

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