Japanese film producer Shochiku remakes 1997 cult horror film “Cube”


Shochiku, a leading producer and distributor of Japanese films, has announced its remake of cube, a 1997 Vincenzo Natali fantasy thriller about six people who find themselves trapped in a maze-shaped cube and must find a way out, while avoiding deadly traps.

A Canadian production premiering in Toronto, the original film became a cult hit in Japan after its local release in September 1998.

The remake stars Suda Masaki, Okada Masaki, Tashiro Hikaru, Saito Takumi, Yoshida Kentaro and the unique Anne as the Six Trapped.

The director is Shimizu Yasuhiko, whose credits include the 2019 shock Vice.

The remake was filmed in October and November last year based on an adapted screenplay written by Tokuo Koji. Natali serves as a creative advisor.

cube will open on October 22, 2021 in Japan, with the distribution of Shochiku.

“No one can resist the powerful Cube system,” Shimizu said in a statement.

“In making this movie, it was like we were stepping into the Cube itself. (It’s because we shot the whole movie in one place.) Then we had to confront each other.

“What is lurking in the abyss of self – hope or despair? You will soon be in the Cube with us. In fact, you may already be there.”

Although the overwhelming majority of Japanese commercial films are based on local intellectual property, including manga, cartoons, TV series, and games, the industry sometimes seeks inspiration from overseas.

A recent example is Adult situation, Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan’s remake of the 2016 hit Italian comedy Perfect strangers. – Reuters

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