Japanese music star Yoshiki raises $9 million for Ukraine

Japanese music star Yoshiki Hayashi has raised $9 million with fan help for Ukraine.

The artist, who is one of the biggest names in Japan, has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and is the frontman of the famous group X Japan. He has a large following on social media and, in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, has put his money where his proverbial mouth is.

Hayashi, who lives in Los Angeles, has a recording studio located in Los Angeles and says he worked with his band to complete an album to be released.

But between sessions, Hayashi raised money for the war in Ukraine, which began in late February with an invasion by Russia and its oligarch leader, Vladimir Putin. Hayashi recently donated 10 million yen, the equivalent of about $80,000, to Ukraine’s Emergency Fund for the Humanitarian Crisis.

Says Hayashi (via ABC News): “Oh my God, it’s so painful. You know, as an artist, we create art and music. But we can do a little more than that. I think we’re responsible for convey this kind of message.

He also worked to facilitate a donation campaign through his social media followers. And with their help, he and his fans raised $9 million to help the war-torn nation.

Hayashi added, “I’ve always been grateful to have such amazing fans. Not only do they support me, but they also support what I do.

The artist also took to Instagram to share the news, writing in both English and Japanese, “These are my fans with big hearts. 🙏 自分ではなく、ファンのみんなが賛同してくれたから
Los Angeles-based Japanese music icon YOSHIKI ABCNews raises $9 million for Ukraine with help from his fans #ABC #abcnews #Ukraine #Russia Russia #PrayForPeace #yoshiki #xjapan #charity

Hayashi said his passion for humanitarian causes stems from his desire to help people, which was born in him after losing people in his life like his father. He used that inspiration, along with his millions of fans, to help Ukraine.

Hayashi said, “I want to give them hope. Even if you have this kind of pain, you can get through it. With my fans, together we can help sustain the world.

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Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images

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