‘Love is Blind Japan’: Japanese culture and romance are true STARS of the Netflix show, fans say

Netflix’s latest reality show titled “Love is Blind: Japan” already appears to be a huge hit. And why wouldn’t it be? We see serious flirtations, dates sharing deep conversations, all wrapped up in wholesome detail. You’re sure to find more reasons to watch the show with each episode.

Fans are raving about the huge difference between the Japanese version of the “Love is Blind” franchise, the reality show on Netflix. Unlike the American and Brazilian versions, the Japanese have a much more sophisticated demeanor, are seemingly humble and respectful towards each other. The way some of these men and women talk on their dates will not only surprise you, but call those moments “Awww.” That candidates are genuinely interested in making a soulful connection with their prospects is sure to spark general awe in this beautiful thing we call love.


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Here’s what fans have to say about Netflix’s latest experimental dating show.

One fan said, “Excuse me Japan, y’all did this! This set is beautiful and romantic! #LoveIsBlindJapan,” while another shared, “These ladies are really comparing notes and chatting. #LoveIsBlindJapan.”

One fan tweeted, “Okay, I’m watching the Japanese version of #LoveisBlind and when they greet each other, it reminds me of how respectful Japanese culture is. #LoveisblindJapan,” while another said, “I’m watching # LoveIsBlindjapan and frankly sign me up”.

One fan shared, “I need more people to talk about #Loveisblindjapan because I just binged the first four episodes in one fell swoop. try it #Netflix”.

One fan tweeted, “#LoveIsBlindJapan Their ages>>>>,” while another said, “Why do we have to wait until February 22 for #LoveIsBlindJapan part 2?

“Love is Blind: Japan” was released on February 8, 2022 on Netflix. Here is your cue to binge-watch now!

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