Margaret Howell’s new film is a tribute to Japanese culture


Margaret Howell’s new film is a tribute to Japanese culture

Affinities – 50 years of design marks the 50th anniversary of clothing brand Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell continues to mark the 50th anniversary of her eponymous clothing brand with a short film celebrating the fundamental role Japan has played in her life and work.

Affinities – 50 years of design is Howell’s second collaboration with filmmaker Emily Richardson, who worked with the designer to identify objects and places that mean something to her. The three-minute film is set to accompany the brand’s anniversary celebrations in Japan this month, postponed from last year due to the pandemic. Summarizing the clean simplicity of Japanese design and the parallels Howell sees with his own aesthetic, the film ultimately expresses Howell’s love for the country sparked on his first visit in 1983.

Always Affinities – 50 years of design, directed by Emily Richardson

“The locations in the film are, like the objects, those with which Margaret has a personal connection,” explains Richardson. “Some are photographs she took on trips to Japan and others are Suffolk landscapes which reflect the quality of the objects chosen.” The film intersects with places of personal photographs and significant objects in a tribute to the codes of pure design.

“In the process, we thought of a beauty in the simplicity of their design and a skill in the making of these objects, with which Margaret felt a great affinity,” adds Richardson. “In telling this personal story, the only restriction is time. There is always so much more to say. But I really like the process of getting to the essence of something that communicates not just a part of a personal story, but a feeling about the person. ‘

Watch Margaret Howell Affinities – 50 years of design

The film, along with clothing, drawings and personal memorabilia from the Margaret Howell Archives, will be shown at T-Site Daikanyama, Tokyo, May 15-30, and ROHM Theater, Kyoto, June 4-June 13. . §


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