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KARACHI: The song from the Pakistani film ‘Gurriya Japani’ by the late Ahmed Rushdie starts playing in your head as you enter the main hall of the Japan Information and Culture Center where the five-day traveling exhibition is taking place Ningyo: the art and beauty of Japanese dolls. way.

Organized by the Consulate General of Japan in Karachi and the Pakistan Japan Cultural Association (PJCA) in cooperation with the Japan Foundation, the exhibition opened this week.

Not all Japanese dolls are delicate female forms in kimono as one might imagine. At the exhibition, we also encountered some pretty scary dolls in warrior armor and also dolls of characters found in Japanese anime and games.

They all reflect the customs of Japan and the aspirations of its people as they possess distinctive regional attributes and have developed over the centuries in many diverse forms.

67 dolls are on display at the Japanese Consulate

“Ningyo” literally means human form in Japanese. Doll culture, which has been cultivated over Japan’s long history, was introduced to the exhibition through a total of 67 carefully selected dolls, which were divided into four sections.

These are “Ningyo to pray for the growth of children”, “Ningyo as plastic art”, “Ningyo as folk art” and “Propagation of Ningyo culture”.

“Ningyo to pray for the growth of children” included paper dolls, dolls designed to protect babies from any misfortunes that might befall them, dolls believed to possess superhuman strength, etc.

A visitor reads about Japanese dolls on display at the Japanese Consulate General in Karachi on Tuesday.—Fahim Siddiqi/White Star

‘Ningyo as fine art’ included very cute dolls modeled after plump babies, dolls created by Buddhist sculptors, dolls offered to the gods at festivals, and dolls dressed in clothes made from woven fabrics.

“Ningyo as Folk Art” included dolls made without the use of expensive materials, while the “Spreading Ningyo Culture” section featured dolls used in traditional puppet theater.

Earlier, Japan’s Consul General in Karachi, Isomura Toshikazu, opened the popular Japanese Dolls Traveling Exhibition, which features a comprehensive introduction to Japanese doll culture, from Katashiro and Amagatsu, who are considered the archetypes of dolls in the world. Japan, to local dolls that reflect the climate and anecdotes of the whole country, dress-up dolls that are enjoyed in Japan today as toys, and scale figures that are loved around the world.

The exhibition ends on Friday.

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