Online Japanese Film Festival 2022, Melbourne


What could be better than a film festival that brings the best and brightest new Japanese films to Australian cinemas every year? One that also returns a few months later with a digital-only lineup you can check out from your couch. Yes, after the IRL Japanese Film Festival last took to the country at the end of 2021, now is the time for the 2022 Online Japanese Film Festival, aka your next excuse to indulge your obsession with Japan without jump on a plane.

This year’s online program spans 17 films over two weeks, from Monday February 14 to Sunday February 27. It gives you plenty of choice, plus plenty of time to catch comedies, mysteries, dramas, documentaries and more – some from the last year or two, some from 2008. And, in news particularly exceptional, they are all distributed free of charge.

Highlights include focus on food Mio’s cookbook and The God of Ramen, the former featuring a period drama about a young chef and the latter focusing on famous Tokyo character Kazuo Yamagishi; mystery Masked roomwhich unleashes its shivers and twists in a hospital; It’s a summer movie, about a high school student obsessed with old samurai movies; and comedy Good flighton an emergency flight from Tokyo to Honolulu.

Although you don’t pay anything to watch, you still need to register through the festival website.

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