The Japanese film festival arrives at the Jetty Theater in Coffs Harbor – News Of The Area

The Japanese Film Festival is held annually in conjunction with the Australia-Japan Society of Coffs Harbour, The Jetty Theater and the Japan Foundation Sydney.

THE Japanese Film Festival is coming to Coffs Harbor Jetty Theater in February 2022.

Kirsten Binnie, secretary of the Coffs Harbor Australia-Japan Society, told News Of The Area: “Over the past few years, Coffs Harbor has been fortunate to host the Japanese Film Festival.

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“This festival sees the community come together to celebrate great Japanese cinematography and culture.

“The Australia-Japan Society of Coffs Harbour, in conjunction with the Jetty Theater and the Japan Foundation Sydney, will be hosting the event the weekend of February 5-6.”

Kirsten is passionate about all things Japanese and teaches Japanese language at St John Paul College in Coffs Harbour.

“I was lucky enough to have visited Japan several times in my life and even lived there for two years.

“The Australia-Japan Society of Coffs Harbor has been promoting friendship between the Australian and Japanese peoples and bringing together people who are interested in and love Japanese culture and traditions since 1990.

“The Company was formed two years after the establishment of the sister city relationship between Coffs Harbor and Sasebo.

“We are a non-profit organization whose members are volunteers.

“As a member of the National Australia-Japan Society, we offer a variety of activities and events each year for the enjoyment of our members and the public.

“For example, last year we participated in the Manga Mania exhibition at the National Cartoon Gallery.

“The exhibition was opened by Mr. Omura, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Japanese Embassy in Canberra and our members were able to not only attend the opening night, but also dine with Mr. Omura afterwards. .

“Unfortunately the pandemic has made some of these events more difficult and the biggest impact it has had is on our annual Children’s Day festival held at the Botanical Garden.

“However, we hope we can offer other events and activities this year as well as bring the Children’s Day Festival back in the near future.”

This year’s Film Festival features three films.

Children of the Sea (海獣の子供) is a film with a strong environmental message as three young children are caught up in the mysterious disappearance of fish from the ocean.

Born Bone Born (洗骨), set in Okinawa (Japan’s southernmost island), is a lighthearted comedy-drama about a family gathered to participate in an Okinawan funeral ritual called “senkotsu” (bone washing ).

And Your Bird Can Sing (きみの鳥はうたえる) depicts the lives of three young adults who intertwine over a long summer in Hakodate, Hokkaido (Japan’s northernmost island) .

Tickets are free and available online at the Jetty Memorial Theater starting January 19.


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