The Japanese Film Festival returns to cinema in 2021 – hello Asia!


The Japanese film festival (JFF) in Australia is making a big comeback for its 25e year with a national tour to Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Screening in the new venue Palace Cinemas in each city, the 2021 Festival program will feature a selection of expertly curated films from the most popular recently released titles, as well as action films, cartoons, dramas, documentaries and much more.

In addition to the main program, a free online program of five films will be available to enjoy in the comforts of home throughout the month of November.

Japanese Film Festival 2021 screening dates:

CANBERRA: October 28 – November 2
Palace Electric Cinema & National Film and Sound Archives

PERTH: 4 – 7 November
Place du Palais Raine

BRISBANE: November 11 – 21
Palace Barracks and James Palace Street

MELBOURNE: November 18 – December 5
Kino Cinema and the Australian Moving Pictures Center

SYDNEY: November 25 – December 5
Palace Cinemas Norton Street, Chauvel, Central, Verona

IN LINE: November 15 – 21

The full schedule is expected to be announced on September 16. To follow JFF news, visit their Official site, or follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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