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The omakase option puts your meal in the hands of chef Jun Arai who concocts harmonious dishes intended to offer a path of discovery. Ginza’s philosophy is to sell what is ordered that day to provide the freshest ingredients possible, such as their bluefin tuna, uni (sea urchin) or Japanese scallops.

Whether you fancy a premium sushi boat with fresh nigiri or a cold Sapporo beer while eating fried chicken, Ginza is the place to be.

A garden courtyard at the Yume Japanese Gardens in Tucson.

Courtesy of Yume Japanese Gardens

Japanese Yume Gardens

2130 N. Alvernon Way, 303-3945;

Located just south of the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Yume Japanese Gardens in Tucson offers residents the opportunity to explore eight types of Japanese gardens ranging from modern to Zen to a koi pond.

Nature, architecture, culture and history come together to provide a Japanese cultural experience far from the Kyoto gardens of Nanzen-ji or Ginkaku-ji. Yume Japanese Gardens is also home to a Japanese sukiya-style cottage that overlooks the Zen Garden.

In Japan, you’re rarely far from a temple, shrine, or garden, and in Tucson, you might be surprised at how close you are to a Japanese garden right now.

Yume isn’t just about the landscaping and the feeling of walking through a traditional Japanese garden. It also houses a museum and an art gallery featuring traditional artwork, kimonos and hanging scrolls.


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