Yoshizawa Ryo and Miyazaki Aoi to star in Japanese Netflix movie “In Love and Deep Water”

Netflix will produce the new Japanese movie “In Love and Deep Water,” a romantic comedy thriller written by acclaimed creator Sakamoto Yuji.

The story takes place on a huge luxury cruise ship. While at sea, the loyal butler Suguru and a mysterious woman named Chizuru cross paths as they attempt to uncover a murder mystery that occurs on the ship. The lead roles will be played by Yoshizawa Ryo and Miyazaki Aoi.

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The production is handled by Nikkatsu and Django film for Netflix. The film is directed by Taki Yusuke (TV series “The Boss is a Detective”, “Girl Gun Lady”).

The star-studded Japanese cast also includes Yoshida Yoshida as newly appointed captain Hatsumi, Kikuchi Rinko who plays faithless film producer Aina, Nagayama Kento as Shintaro, a young actor who wants to appear in a film presented at the Cannes Film Festival, Izumisawa Yuki as former yakuza member Ryuki, Makita Aju as Shiori, the daughter of a yakuza boss, Hasegawa Hatsunori as Sohei, the godfather of the medical world, Yasuda Ken as his son Michihiko, and Takaoka Saki as Michihiko’s wife , Misaki.

There will be additional appearances by young stars Yunho as Kanato, the housekeeper’s son, and Ogai Rumika who will play Misaki and Michihiko’s daughter.

Technical credits also go to Muramatsu Takatsugu (music); Tanikawa Sohei (cinematic); Hanatani Hidefumi (production design); Rinoie Shunri (lighting); Yoshinori Makino (VFX supervisor); Baby Mix (costume design); Matsuura Miho (hair and makeup); Lee Sokoku (assistant director). Okano Makiko is executive producer of Netflix. The producers are Arishige Yoichi and Fukatsu Tomoo.

“A romantic comedy delivered on an unprecedented scale! I always wanted to make a film like this, but I never thought I would be able to. With this film, the dream I had given up came true. I believe viewers will be able to have a dreamy time with beautiful music, beautiful costumes and lovely people brought to life by the ultimate cast,” said Sakamoto (“Tokyo Love Story”), one of Japan’s leading screenwriters for over 30 years old. years.

An official synopsis reads: “Suguru, a dedicated butler on a luxury cruise ship, finds his life turned upside down the day he meets Chizuru, a woman who claims their respective partners are about to cheat. Chizuru tries to convince him that they should stop the cruise and return to Japan to stop their partners from cheating when one night the two, along with five other passengers, witness a corpse floating in the rooftop pool. Strangely, all but Suguru claim not to have seen anything. While trying to uncover this mystery, Suguru and Chizuru gradually become attracted to each other.

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