Zwift adds world of Makuri Islands, inspired by Japanese culture


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The Makuri Islands are Zwift’s last world for virtual horseback riding and racing. The first area of ​​the Makuri Islands is Yumezi, an invented country destination that draws inspiration from Japanese culture.

With the Tokyo Olympics on the horizon, a Japan-themed expansion was ripe for Zwift. Zwift’s other worlds include Watopia, Richmond, London, New York, and France.

Yumezi includes a variety of surfaces, from flat, winding roads to dirt roads and cobblestone market streets.

Zwift game designers are full of details like ginkgo forests with mystical creatures, cherry blossoms, waterfalls, and temples.

Yumezi offers eight routes over 53 miles of roads. The routes are:

  • Sea to Tree (3.3 km / 108 m above sea level) – A short and difficult ascent.
  • Kappa Quest (9.1 km / 140 m above sea level) – Panoramic loop with temples and shrines.
  • Chain Chomper (13.6 km / 184 m altitude) – Two difficult KOMs and a sprint.
  • Country tour (15.9 km / 185 m altitude) – Farmland and mountains.
  • Flatland Loop (13km / 99m vertical drop) – Country loop.
  • Two Villages Loop (12.8 km / 88 m above sea level) – Explore two villages.
  • Spirit Forest (8.5 km / 135 m altitude) – Night visit and walk with the spirits.
  • Three Villages Loop (10.6 km / 92.6 m above sea level) – Explore three villages.

All Yumezi routes will be available from May 20 to 30 as a guest world on the Zwift home screen. Starting June 1, Yumezi will be available for regular rotation.

Find out more about the menu and its inspiration on

As part of the promotion, Zwift worked with the Legion of Los Angeles team, which she sponsors, for the video below.


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